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Albertville, AL 35954


About Us

Paladin Community Development was formed in 1997 by Phillip E. Ellen in an effort to help bring quality affordable housing to communities throughout the southeast. The name Paladin comes from the popular 1960's western TV show, "Have Gun will Travel". Paladin (which means a defender of a cause) was the lead character who traveled from town to town fighting for justice for the powerless. Listen to the "Ballad of Paladin".

Since it's formation over 17 year ago, Paladin has worked with cities in 7 states to help meet their housing needs by providing homes to working families and the elderly. With over 1,300 units, Paladin is one of the leading providers of affordable housing in the southeast.
What We Do

Since 1997, Paladin, Inc. has been a successful owner and developer of both single and multi-family properties throughout the southeast. Paladin has developed 35 properties throughout Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky. These include family and elderly properties, with a total of over 1,300 units. Paladin has been successful and has extensive experience in applying for and receiving funding through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program, the Home Investment Partnership Program, and AHP funds through the Federal Home Loan Bank. Paladin, Inc. also strives to be a community-based organization that offers services directly to, or by partnering with other organizations, those in need. In the Atlanta area, Paladin provides transitional housing scholarships through its partnership with the Salvation Army. Through this partnership, Paladin works extensively with those attempting to move to self-sufficiency by mentoring and counseling, along with sponsorships to drug and alcohol treatment programs. Paladin has also offered program such as First-Time Homebuyers Education to Low Income families and acquisition and rehab program that has refurbished older, vacant homes, and made them available and affordable to individuals. Paladin, Inc. serves as the supportive services coordinator on numerous multifamily properties throughout the southeast by organizing resident programs like G.E.D. education, job training, safety programs, and health care education.
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